Web site Information for The Roads to Auto Parts, LLC

Purpose of the Web Site:

This Web site is a initial communication medium for buyers and sellers of automotive parts.  Buyers of auto parts can scroll the listings of auto parts for sale and then contact the sellers by email, telephone, postal services, or other means.  The buyers and sellers of auto parts make arrangements for exchanges on their own terms.

Contents of the Web Site:

This Web Site emphasizes parts for various American made automobiles from the 1950's through 1990's. The advertised parts include new and salvaged (used) original equipment manufactured parts (OEM), and  reproduction  (non-original manufacturer parts). This Web site only accepts advertisement content from established, licensed businesses.

How to Use this Web Site:

Users of the Web site will see automotive parts first classified by model of car. Selecting a particular model of car will produce a list of parts divided by rows.  A brief part description is included and also the price and who to contact. Click on the business name at the top of the page for the full address of the seller.  Buyers should contact the sellers for full information on specific parts, terms of sale, and shipping costs.

Terms of Use: This Web site, operated by The Road To Auto Parts, LLC, acts only as an initial contact medium between buyers and sellers of auto parts, and does not become involved in auto parts exchange agreements.  The Road To Auto Parts, LLC offers no guarantees and assumes no liabilities for  any auto parts sold by advertisers in this Web site. This includes, but is not limited to, the authenticity, availability, condition, safety, suitability, and value of any auto parts advertised in this Web site.  Click the Agree sign below if you agree to these terms of use.

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